Skyscrambler – Better as finding cheaper flight tickets

Mission – best way to buy clever and travel smarter.

In 2016, 3.8 Billion people travelled by air, that figure will be surpassed by the end of 2017. Now we have built a system for those amongst the travellers seeking to save at least a dollar on their flight and donate that money to any viable cause or project for 2018-2019.

Majority of us are not attuned to the algorithms, and the games embedded in the business models adopted by most agents, airlines and others in the travel business and flights ticket purchase schemes. 

My message is to reveal some of my hacks which I have inculcated into my team, and for the past two years of extensive research, ended up creating a beta version of our software mimicking our hack techniques put into Algorithm and some machine learning to help you and everyone today. 

Therefore, I ask you to join me as we venture into democratising flight ticket prices.

WIth, in partnership with Skyscanner, we have distilled their API so that you can gain easy access to best market prices. To be sure you will understand pricing game, use Skyscrambler and Momondo to compare your results.

I smart  travel

My mission gets at least 10% of these travellers over +3.8 billion passengers get a fair deal, after all, we all seek various ways to save on our flights. Below is a guide step by set guide to guarantee your way of making sure you are getting the lowest price possible online.

To reiterate, If you want to hack your way to get better price research on your flights, vs is the best tool to use.

[Note: If you are using on mobile, make sure you zoom out to fit the website to the screen of your mobile.]

Start with (Recommended browser: Google Chrome)

1. Check for domain endings of ticket suppliers such as .de, .se, .no, .be .fi .ee .lv .es .nl, etc., (f.ex look out for, on

2. Then go to and input same destination and dates. Compare price at first. If you get a higher price on Momondo, this is where instruction number 1 is handy.

(Momondo hides the option/settings on their website for changing country and currency. Therefore must make your first search, and then it popouts out to the top right corner.

3. Remember the info No.1, take note of the domain endings. If the endings of your best ticket prices, duration, and destination, time shows that TICKET.EE has the best price. Select “Eesti” on Momondo’s website and repeat the search. Then compare results.

4. After these, you are in a good situation to determine which agents provide you with the best price options.

For those buying directly on Finnair website, or any other Airline websites, carried away with promotions, I have seen prices from metasearch engines like skyscrambler and Momondo way cheaper than promo offers from Airline websites. That is why it is more favourable to “Spy the price before you buy.”

Be the one to buy clever

Frequent flyers: Every agent has the section to input your frequent flier ID or number. You still get the points ´, pins and miles on your bookings/flights while buying from suppliers in the ticket global distribution systems (GDS).

Agents that accept Paypal as payment option may charge extra fees. Credit/debit cards payment options may charge a small fee. Some agents may have MasterCard/visa debit or credit payment option for free. Always check out for their policy options.

If anyone needs help, reach out to us using this form:

Feedback, enquiries, work related, or collaborations reach out to us via email:

That’s flight price hack 101 – Blog with instructions coming soon. However, I cannot wait for one more day to start helping you all to start saving! 🙂